Sacred 3 – Cinematics

The Sequence Group just put up a reel for the cinematics we made for the game Sacred 3.  This project will always mean a lot to me.   It was the first project I worked as lead animator/ compositor.

I have to thank fellow designers and animators Aaron Hildebrandt and Mark Stuckert from which I learnt a lot.  Together, we produced over 30 minutes of motion comic animation.

Although this game did not receive the warmest reception – I was happy to hear our work still found some praise.  Check it out if you’re able to turn off your critical mind, or are a fan of moobs/ boobs.

Shot list Timecode:
[00:04], [00:09], [00:14], [00:16], [00:17], [00:19], [00:23], [00:31], [00:39],

[00:40],[00:43], [00:45], [00:48], [00:50], [01:08], [01:10], [01:12], [01:29].