343 wanted to produce something special for their release of Halo 5-Guardians – and what they ended up doing was collaborating once more with Sequence in making an hour long movie telling the origin story of Master Chief.  The script was simple – it followed the now canon Fall of Reach graphic novel.

But this project was anything but simple.  This was by far the most ambitious project Sequence has produced to date.  Not to go too behind the scenes – but what was accomplished is remarkable considering the we only had a 5 month deadline.

I lent my skills as a compositor on this project – putting the final passes together and making shots as pretty as possible.  The last two months of the project saw everyone working overtime and it wasn’t uncommon to work 6 day weeks with many 12+hr days.

Sequence is a company that started out doing motion comics – and to see where they are today makes me incredibly proud.  You truly have to have love for the work you’re doing to have the energy to constantly push yourself and grow.

Oh, and the finished movie is only a google search away – I heard all 3 acts are up on youtube. . .